The Peaceful Scorpion

This may be one of my more informative blog/posts. I’m not a doctor, but I can tell you one thing.

Your feet are amazing.

Your lymph system is amazing.

And The Peaceful Scorpion is amazing.

Last December, one of the schools in the district sent me a gift certificate. I was overwhelmed by everything at the time and put it in the drawer. Over Christmas break, my sister in law Sandy said she would treat me to reflexology.

I thought it was a shoulder rub.

For real.

I also am very uncomfortable about my feet. I’ve never liked pedicures. I’m ticklish. I feel weird having people touch my toes. I wonder if my feet smell. I rarely put nail polish on them, even more now since there are chemicals in everything and good lord I dont have time to go to an organic nail salon.

When we walked into The Peaceful Scorpion, I had to fill out a form. The inevitable, “Medical issues” part has to be filled out.

Well, wouldn’t you know, that gift certificate the other school gave me? The owner said to me, “Wait a minute, are you Candy’s friend? She just got you a gift certificate to here! I know all about you!”

And that, my friends, is six degrees of Keri Stromski.

Danielle told me what reflexology was, I pretended like I knew it wasn’t my shoulders and would be my feet, then

I took off my shoes and socks, prayed my feet didn’t stink, got up on the table and snuggled under the blankets.

The heated blankets.

Pure bliss.

The lights were turned down low and she had music on. She worked magic.

I knew that God had her open her business across the street from my school that very month so that I wouldn’t have to travel far for a therapy that would help me heal.

And heal me it has.

Some hospitals are starting to offer reflexology to cancer patients. Your feet are roadmaps to your whole body. Have a headache? Press your third toe.

There are pressure points all over your body that help travel healing to distant places on your other body parts.

I’ve gotten so comfortable with Danielle that sometimes I’ll snore during the session. I blame it on the blankets.

Every once in a while we switch to a massage. I also was reluctant to do that, as one time I had a massage years ago and couldn’t move my neck for a week.

Not this time.

Danielle uses her hands and helps get my lymphatic system moving. Your lymph system is so incredibly important. There was cancer in several lymph nodes. Their job is to catch the cancer, but it got backed up, there was blockage, and then it slipped past the nodes. Guess what?

Not anymore.

My lymph nodes are all clean now.

I’ve always wondered why they remove lymph nodes, as I imagine them as the the goalies for your body. If they remove a lot of them, you can develop lymphedema.

Not fun.

Having your lymph system working properly is essential for your immune system too.

If you can’t get to a massage, exercise. Rebounding is great for your lymph system. It’s a little trampoline you just lightly bounce on.

You can also get a dry brush and dry brush your body for five minutes before your shower.

You know that saying, “It gets your juices flowing!”

That’s your lymph system.

Yesterday Danielle did a whole massage and talked to me after. She said I was incredibly tight…and not in a good way, like six pack abs tight.

She said maybe that’s why I’m in so much pain.

I havent been going to or doing yoga, and need to do that more.

She also said to do the Lion face, as well as lift my head up and say the vowels, “aaaaaaaah” and “oooooooh”.

I told her that when I wake up, I find my hands are tightly clenched.

I dont think my body is even relaxing when I sleep.

She suggested I use the insight timer app and do progressive relaxation meditations before bed.

I shared my flu shot with her and we toasted to my healing.

Everyone needs a Danielle.

I was so lucky when I first started going to see her. Someone, who I still don’t know did this because they told Danielle they wanted to stay anonymous, paid for the first few months of sessions for me. They must be a friend of mine on Facebook, as that is how everyone knew I was going there.

So anonymous friend, thank you.

Thank you giving me so much time with Danielle, so that I learned how important she would become to my healing.

Thank you, Danielle. Her hands are healing. She has a gift. She has also done reiki, used singing and chanting bowls, selenite wand, and felt my energy.

She knew when the cancer was leaving my body, as she no longer felt the angry monster.

Plus, not only has she touched my feet, she also hasn’t minded when I didn’t shave my legs because I was to sore to bend.

I love her.

Valentines Day is coming up. Treat your loved one to some time with Danielle.

If you don’t live near me, get yourself a dry brush, some good oils, some soft music, and treat your lymph system with love.

Maybe even rub your feet.

My principal starts every day with the morning announcements and ends with “Put your best foot forward”.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was worried about something coming up. I told her to stop worrying.

To be where her feet are, right here and now.

The thing she was worried about? Ended up being lovely.

Worry wastes time.

Today may we all put our best foot forward, and keep our minds where our feet are.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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