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Yesterday I went to The Giving Room for a class on how to stay healthy and boost your immune system.

It was a one hour master class full of tastings, knowledge, and breathing. When Rob asked me about it and what I learned, I told Him I mostly learned that everything I’ve been doing is right.

Affirmation is a good thing.

Somehow, during the past year, all of the information has come to me.

But I also seek information.

You have to look in order to find.

So here are my cliff notes. If you have questions, use the Internet and find further information. That’s what I do. Plus, I’ll be teaching five year olds all day after a three day weekend with a hint of snow on the way, so I’ll be a little busy.

-Turmeric, garlic, ginger, cumin, curcumin. These all help your immune system and inflammation.

-Inflamation is the root of all evil in your body. Knee pain? Cancer? Inflammation.

-Gut Health. Get yourself a good probiotic. They’ve discovered your gut has its own brain, in a way. Keep it healthy and trust your gut. Switch the brand and the billions every so often to keep your gut on its toes.

-Eat the rainbow. Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I do that through juicing. Paula and her staff make an amazing “Flu Shot”. Pineapple, lemon, cayenne pepper, Manuka honey, garlic…

-Manuka Honey. KH16! There are companies realizing how powerful this stuff is and are making honey but without a high enough KH factor. Research it and see why it’s so powerful. I use it in the Budwig protocol along with cinnamon. You can put it in tea with cinnamon or even coffee. Manuka is synergistic with cinnamon and together they are stronger.

-chaga tea. This is a very powerful mushroom that you make tea from. It literally has no taste. I had some moms try some from my crockpot and they were shocked. My kids take it to school now every day. I get mine from Chaga Island.

-wheat grass. We tasted it in test tube shots. Yes. It’s tastes like grass. I even mooed like a cow after. But it’s amazing for you. Oxygenation, people!

-Fermentation. Eat fermented vegetables. Sauerkraut. Good for the gut.

-flaxseed oil. I use it every morning in my sploosh, the Budwig protocol. Paula made it in a vitamix and mixed the berries in with some chocolate protein powder. Wow!

-BLACK SEED OIL!!! This has been found in Cleopatras tomb. I cant even write all the benefits. I take a spoonful mixed with honey. Synergy. I’m working up to two spoons a day, one at night and one in the morning. It tastes bad, you burp motor oil, but it’s beyond amazing.

-Essential Oils. (EO). I use Frankincense topically, as well as on the roof of my mouth. (Blood brain barrier). Bottom of feet is good place. I’m no longer using lavender as it is estrogen based and the cancer fed on estrogen. Thieves is great for boosting immune system. Throw it in your diffuser.

-SLEEP. Look at the video I posted yesterday by the sleep scientist. You need it. European countries have the right idea with siestas.

-Breathing. Look up pranayama breathing. See if you can do a four count in, stay at the top of the breath and float it, don’t hold it, for a two count, then slowly exhale for four and float at the bottom of the breath for two. Try to see if you can do five breaths in one minute.

-Meditation. There is an app. “Insight timer”. Clear your brain and focus only on the breath. If you can do that for one breath, congratulations! You meditated. Do it again. Breathe. Yay! See how easy?

-Stress. Make boundaries. Don’t allow your emotions to change from outside influences. I did and knew I had to get rid of my inner Liam Nisson when someone stole my daughters phone. I’m now breathing again. Cool, calm, and collected. (But I’m also still intent on finding the little motherf… crap. Breathe in. Breathe out.)

-Hydrate. Drink water.

-Detox. Tongue scraping, epsom salt bath, baking soda bath, oil pulling,

-sweat! Exercise! Get that lymph system moving. Look into dry brushing too.

-Love and laughter. Do what you love. Be with people who love you. Give your love freely. Laugh often.

So, that’s it.

Your “Keri’s Cliff Notes”.

I’m no doctor, so look it all up yourself and do what feels right.

Today, may we all boost our immune system, lower our inflammation, use the Internet for information to better ourselves and others, and may the phone turn up, not only for Maddie to see that sometimes people do the right thing, but for the person who stole it. He will learn about forgiveness instead of the wrath of …

gah! Liam!!!!

In Jesus’s name, amen.



This is me and Paula. Synergistic!

Wonder twin immunity powers activate!

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