The Daughter of a King on Martin Luther King Jr Day

I had a lovely day yesterday. Church was great, and the sermon was all about hearing your call from God, and what happens when you choose to ignore it or follow it.

It can be hard to follow what He wants us to do.

Last weekend, I was exhausted from the now infamous, “Mug incident”. Then I heard the whisper.

“It’s time.”

I felt it in my soul and heart and spirit that He wanted me to start the blog. Put the book aside and write.

I was tired. I mean, did you SEE the mugs?

But I followed Him and his whisper.

As of today, one week in, I’ve had over 4,000 “hits” on my blog, from all over the world.

Which means His word and my testimony are being spread far greater than my voice can carry it.

I’m not doing it for fame or money.

I’m doing it to show people the way.

Hope, faith and love.

I am just a vessel, a reflection, to show and share His message.

Then I hosted Dungeons and Dragons. For over six hours, I had fourteen teenagers, young men and women, all laughing, whooping, cheering, working together, discussing strategy, and NOT on their devises.

Actual conversations in 2018.

A miracle!

I loved hosting and serving them water, Pizza, snacks, desserts, and keeping the fire going. I gave my “Safe Space” talk, and they all listened. Kids like to hear firm rules and boundaries, when it comes from a place of love and with a slice of pizza.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day.

When I was teaching my kindergarten students about him, I learned two new facts.

1- He was born and named Michael, but when he was five, his dad was in Germany and became impressed by the works of the Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. He changed his name and Martin’s name. (Hey! I’m a Lutheran!!🙌🏻)

2-Martin was SO SMART! He skipped the ninth and twelfth grades and entered Morehouse College at the age of fifteen. Imagine if we still had gifted and talented programs? It makes me sad that typically only the rich districts have them, and districts in poverty areas and areas of much diversity don’t. There are a lot of children not getting opportunities because of the their economic status and where they live.

3-I also learned that Martin survived another assassination attempt almost a decade earlier. He was at a book signing when Izola Ware Curry walked up to him, said she had been looking for him for five years, then plunged a seven inch letter opener into his best, narrowly missing his aorta. In true Martin fashion, he continued to affirm his belief in non violence and felt no ill will to Izola.

(Me? My inner Liam Neeson would have come out.)

4-Tragically, his mother died from a gunshot wound as well. While she was in church, a man stood up and shot and killed her. He said he had wanted to kill Martins father, but his mother was closer.

The things you learn when you look.

Today’s bible study in my “Love God Greatly” focused on the book of James. The blog response had this…

“I know when you are going through a trial, it feels like you are the only one who has ever experienced anything this hard, this hurtful…this intense. But let me reassure you…you are in good company! In almost every story in the Bible, whether it’s Ruth struggling to make ends meet, Abraham clinging to God’s promises in the midst of the waiting or Moses trying to lead a group of reluctant followers through the desert, as a daughter to the King of Kings…you, my dear, are part of an amazing lineage of overcomers! “

So, in this day where we celebrate a man with a last name “King”…

And a weekend where I was with my best friend and her family whose last name is also King…

And where I hosted many children and showed them about kindness, conversation, and pretended to be the Queen Mother of the Dragons…

And a weekend where I worked hard to show my daughter how a stolen phone can teach us lessons and I worked hard to tame my inner Liam Neeson who wanted to use violence against the person who I now think stole her phone…

I’m reminded that I am the daughter of a King.

I’ll straighten my crown, go learn about how to strengthen my immunity at the Giving Room at 12, and walk forth in grace, love, light, and peace.

May we all remember we are the children of THE King.

We all have chains that hold us down. Mine was cancer. Self esteem. Worry about what others thought of me. Taking on other’s pain. Holding onto anger. No faith.

Shake off those chains of bondage and let freedom ring.

I’m free at last!!!!

Free at last!!!

Thank God almighty, I’m free at last!!!

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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