My East is Your West

We are up and getting ready to head to the airport.
What a week.

Somehow, against all odds, we ended up here at this conference. My oncologist encouraged me to come, we booked two last minute flights and two different hotels, had the funds thanks to the go fund me from the fall, and my parents took the kids and the dog.
There was a reason for me to be here.
Yesterday’s speakers were great.

Jane McLellan is remarkable. Stage four ovarian cancer along with another health issue, and she is still here over twenty years later. She did what I have been doing… research. She is much smarter and better than me, and discovered how to use off label drugs, repurpose them for cancer, and how to pulse them for different phases. She also spoke of the cancer stem cells. Chemo kills the tumors, but the cancer stem cells are so minuscule and float around and outsmart the medicines. There are multiple pathways it uses for energy. She has a metro map that explains how to cut off the cancer sources of energy.

Another woman spoke about fasting. Listen, it’s hard… I know. I’m starting a three day fast today (although I am eating breakfast because of the plane ride). She said something that was so profound to me. It’s hard to fast because our hunger is uncomfortable… but there is something else.
It’s hard to fast because we use food for emotional comfort. We turn to food to feel better. If we take away food, especially during emotionally hard times, what do we use to fill the gap?

Dr Gregor also spoke and made the case for a plant based diet. His speech was full of research. You can’t argue with it. He also showed slides of how corrupt companies and the government can be. He showed ads from the 1950s that spoke of how good smoking was. When we go to the doctor and complain of illness, do they ask what you are eating? Or do they just prescribe drugs which give you side effects that you need more drugs for?

Rob and I will be signing up for a one mont challenge that is free. I’ll look up the link and share it later.
I am walking away from the conference in a calmer place than I walked in. I am at a crossroads. I have been taking chemo after chemo after chemo and none of them are working. My herbalist wants me to stop, give him three months, and see what happens. I messaged a friend who has used him for years, and she said whatever he tells her to do, she does. She stopped and is now NED. I ket another man, a pharmacist with prostate cancer, who also was told to stop by my herbalist. He is now NED. A new friend I sent to him yesterday met with him and he told her she needs chemo, so we know he isn’t anti chemo.
When we met the woman yesterday who is a researcher at John Hopkins who stopped chemo and uses my herbalist, right after we were told about her by Rick Shapiro… we took it as a sign.
Then we went to the beach, I put my feet in the water, and thought maybe it wasn’t. So I asked for signs of butterflies.

At the beach
We placed a rock for a special boy

If i saw three butterflies i would know.
Wouldn’t you know, as we walked along the shops, we saw butterflies.
One was a statue of a lion with butterflies coming out of its belly, one was butterflies on a dress, and one was butterflies in a store.

We ate dinner over a tree that changed colors; and it was called a wishing tree.
In the sky above it was one star, or maybe a planet. We made a wish.

Then, we told our waitress about the conference and the decision we may be making about eastern medicine over western, and she said to look at the sign past the tree. It’s has all these letters that light up at different times and spells out words.
“My East is your west”.

We came back to the hotel and who did we see again?
My herbalist at a table by himself. We went over and talked once more.
It’s a hard decision .
But one I feel more comfortable making
Should we need it. I’ll do chemo tomorrow and see what the markers say.
Then we make our choice.
I keep hearing the poem in my head. Two roads diverged in the woods, and I took the one less traveled. And that has made all the difference.
I hope you all learned something this weekend. God led me here and if you saw
Something for yourself, it was meant to me.
I’m so grateful to Ann Fonfa, “Annie Appleseed”, for being so brave and strong and sharing her story. She is also saving my life through these conferences and her story.
I cant wait to hug my kids today.
Please pray for safe travels and healing.
In Jesus’s name. Amen.



6 thoughts on “My East is Your West

  1. So happy for you and the weekend you had…and even happier for me because I found you and so appreciate all of your sharing. You give me hope!!! You remain in my prayers as you head home to your loving family to keep living the beautiful life you live! xoxox

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