This Mom is Rallying for Riverhead

Feeling like you are dying sooner than later changed a lot.

One would think I would relax more.


I laid in that bed and felt a switch turn on.

I need to make sure everything is ok for my kids.

Which meant a few things had to happen.

The first was the death paperwork. I’ve held off filling it out for years now. I finally did it yesterday. If I should pass while still teaching and working, and this isn’t filed, my family gets nothing of my retirement. Zero. Zilch. Mentally it was hard to do. Your mind can play games. But this was serious enough of crisis to put aside my mental and emotional concerns and take care of business.

I’m calling it the snowblower policy. You know, when you buy a snowblower it doesn’t snow. You fill out this form and you don’t die.

The other thing that happened is i don’t care anymore what people say about me… I’m all in and fighting for this district.

You see, this year…people bashed teachers, there is a whole group that has first added me then blocked me, there are people who add to the chaos without answers, people who are stirring up the racist soup yet pretend they aren’t holding the spoon.

I’ve kept quiet lately because I was tired of being bashed as “some teacher”. But guess what?

I’m way bigger than that.

I’m a MOM.

MY kids deserve more.

We’ve got some big issues all at once happening in this district. I am not speaking as a teacher now, because no matter what happens, I keep my job. I’m not worried about my job.

But my kids?


They will be affected in a huge way.

As a mother, it is my job to fight for MY kids.

The first is the rally this weekend. Five districts in NY have been shorted millions and millions of dollars. New York State politicians crap all over Riverhead, make us a dumping ground, and pass us over because no one speaks up. Oh sure, people speak up all over Riverhead Local and Riverhead News Review. But actually make calls and write letters and send emails? Crickets.

This Saturday at 12 pm our district is hosting a rally at the middle school to fight for the state to give us what’s owed. I’m talking millions and millions and millions. We don’t have to even travel to rally, it’s right in our own backyard.

I see two scenarios.

The first one is embarassing. This town which has hundreds of comments bashing the district any time it’s written about has no one show up. We try to show we are angry and dammit! “Give us what you owe us! “ But turnout is pathetic and small and politicians look and laugh and say, “That was cute. Hey Sally, remind me to send more money for the rich white districts which will vote me in next time. Riverhead shows up for homecoming but won’t even fight for the money we’ve stolen from them. Riverhead just doesn’t show up. Those silly blue waves…more like ripples.”

The second scenario is amazing.

The middle school is packed. Overflowing. Families bring their kids to show how much they care. Everyone is holding signs. Seniors from the senior centers are there. Town government representatives. Media. People of all races and genders standing together. No matter where they stand on the bond or the town or the school, they all know this money helps everyone. We get this money and we can improve programs, add staff, improve the quality of education and programs which would improve the school, and in turn improve their house values. People cheer the speakers, media blows up how Riverhead comes together and fights. “We are sick and tired of being ignored. WE ARE THE BLUE WAVES AND WE WILL TSUNAMI YOU OUT OF OFFICE!”

I wonder which scenario will happen?

I’m making signs.

I’ll be there.

Do you care enough? Or is a football homecoming game more “fun” to show up to and anything else that actually matters doesn’t matter to you? Your kids have graduated and you’re checked out? You don’t have kids in the town?

Guess what?

You pay taxes?

Then you should be angry and show up and fight.

The second is the bond.

We will be short 350 seats in the high school in 2023. The district didn’t pull this number out of thin air. They have to go by a set number and the state makes them stick to this number; even though we all see even more monstrous apartment buildings being built and proposed. Right now my fifth grader is in school with classes of thirty kids in a class.


Split sessions are on the table. They are not a scare tactic. That would be devastating to families like mine who have children that they are excelling. My eleventh grader doesn’t even take a lunch. She takes advanced classes and orchestra and NJROTC. She is in classes all day long. A split session would cut offerings. How would that look for kids wanting to go to college? I want my eighth and fifth grader to have the same amazing opportunity.

MY kids deserve it.

I’m seeing parents who have had kids graduate now say they will vote no. I’m seeing parents whose kids were saved by our district when their school shut down and left them high and dry saying they will vote no.

Every no vote I’m taking personally.

Because every no vote is a vote against MY kids.

MY kids deserve what YOUR kids got.

I’m angry that our district has been swamped and overwhelmed by so many new students, and so many state rules without the state giving us the funding.

If we don’t stick together…

We will drown.

You think we are in bad shape now?

Just think what your house value will be if the bond fails. Good luck to all of you people saying you’re going to move out of NY. How about we rally for the aid, pass the bond, then you can move and get your house value and I will stay alive and work to keep our town and district great?


Rant over.

See you all Saturday.

Being your signs.

Mine will be epic.

Let’s do this for MY kids, for ALL kids.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



Ps. I worked all day yesterday, went to a meeting after school and a PTO meeting last night. Getting stronger every day. Thank you for your prayers!

One thought on “This Mom is Rallying for Riverhead

  1. You go girl! Fight for what you believe in and you will make a difference!!
    Keep the chicken soup and prayers flowing!!
    Have a great day 🙂
    Be strong and Heal!
    PS (listen to your body-slow down if needed;)

    Liked by 1 person

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