Christmas 2019

It was a lovely Christmas Day. I missed my brother and his family, as they moved to North Carolina recently. His son surprised us by stopping by for Christmas dinner at my sister Jill’s house, so we had a part of his heart with us.

My sister and her husband hosted a wonderful Christmas dinner, and their girls put on the cutest little Christmas play. We ended the night with some coquito that was given to me and a fun game of charades. Laughter and little ones always makes the holiday more fun.

My throat and mouth are starting to hurt, so I’ll be swishing away most of the vacation I fear. My hands and feet are also in some pain, so I’ll be sleeping with mittens and socks and lotion.

Although we aren’t going anywhere, we’ve got plans for the next week. We hope to get Maddie a nice dress for the Navy ball, as she was asked to go last week. We will also start to look at cars, as she finishes up drivers ed in a month or so. Robs parents have said they will get each grandchild their first car, so it’s Maddie’s turn. Most kids would have already picked it out, but Maddie likes being driven around by me and rob, so this will be interesting.

I want to organize the house bit by bit.

After having the house cleaned from top to bottom, let me tell all of you…

That is a gift everyone should give themselves once a year. I thought it was a waste of money when I could just clean it myself, I was embarassed, I thought it was too high class for me…

But seeing how clean my house is now, and they even organized my towel drawers and bathroom closets…

it’s a good way to start the new year.

Thank you, my Hamptons residence!

I hope to throw out everything in the house and de clutter during the next week so I start 2020 with a house that is clean and gives me peace.

Having the Christmas season end is sad and also a blessing. For some of us, it’s a more painful time of praying and worrying if we will be here next year. We are more aware of our mortality, and every special moment becomes more breathtaking in a hard way. Now we can go back to everyday normal moments, not days filled with occasions where we pray it isn’t our last time…

I only broke down once yesterday with rob, as I cried and want to be here to badly for more Christmases to come.

One of my heroes, Sophie sabbage, wrote she hoped we would all Rest In Peace, but while we were alive as well. It’s not just for the dead. It’s for the living.

So while I’m organizing, I’ll be sure to take time to rest… in peace.

May we all find time to Rest In Peace after this busy and quick holiday season.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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