Get up and Get Grateful

It was a rough weekend…. but today I wake up grateful.

The side effects hit me so hard, I had to go to my parents house. I didn’t want my kids to see me in such bad shape.

I spent all day Sunday crying, dealing with headaches, bone pain, nausea, and feeling like I fell into the deep dark hole of “How is this my life and how can I keep going on like this?” My mom and dad took good care of me, and this almost forty seven year old felt like a seven year old again with toast and tea and my mom telling me to keep breathing. We also watched Christmas movies.

Add on more messages of people saying how disgusted they are by innuendoes and false posts about teachers… and many who are reading it are thinking it’s implying me… by people who are just angry and love to bash people…

And then news of a friend who has suddenly needed brain surgery for Mets…

It was a rough day.

I prayed for my friend, and for the angry people who love to beat up others in social media. Hurt people love to hurt others. Angry people love to stir up anger.

I’ll stick with the healers and love givers and people with kindness.

Monday was better.

I’m staying ahead of the bone pain and nausea as best as I can. We try to keep the kids occupied during the heavy chemo weekends and my friends came through.

My kids are learning a lot about who surprises you and who you learn you can count on. It’s surprising when people say to just ask if you need help, you ask, and suddenly no help is available. But it’s also surprising who just steps up and helps without being asked.

The kindness of others can be so humbling and awe inspiring.

We even managed to get out and run to Target so I could get makings for broth and some more OTC drugs.

And we got the best parking spot:

I’m off to work today, and will be able to mask the pain of the bones. It might snow, which is always a beautiful thing when you are in a class of four and five year olds.

It’s magic.

May everyone’s day be full of magic.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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