Oh, Johnny Appleseed

I just spent an hour and a half typing my daily post furiously on my phone.

Then sent it to someone to publish.

Then deleted it.

Hopefully you’ll get to read it soon.

If not, I’ll publish it here.

As for me, I’m writing my second post of the day.





Yesterday, I took off my shoes and acted like Johnny Appleseed while my kinders giggled and belly laughed while I pretended to plant seeds and took a pot off my head to cook.

We made applesauce and ate it outside, just like Johnny.

We promised to be kind likeJohnny, who took the shirt off his back and wore a bag with holes cutout if someone else needed clothes.

The true story is he knew that law stated that if you planted fifty acres, you could claim it. So he planted fifty acres of apple trees all over and became wealthy.

But he also spread his faith, and lived by it.

A seed spreader.

He just used apple seeds instead of mustard seeds.

Then I came home and did a three hour interview with a reporter from the Patch, along with darla, from Kaits Angels.

Turns out not only did I receive profits from the yard sale, but the other recipient donated some of his profits.

On top of that…

The north fork breast health coalition finally found a way to give me their donation.

They give $1,000 grants to breast cancer patients. I’ve never applied. I’ve always felt there were women who could use it more than me, and I’m ok.

I never sent in the form.

My husband and dad have said women have told them , “TELL KERI TO SEND IN THE FORM!” . But part of me felt if I did, I would die.

Oh, the crazy cancer thoughts we have.

So they found the way around it , and added it to the Kaits Angels check.

I was telling the reporter that over the summer I listened to Oprah and her super soul sessions podcasts. I play the manifestation game of “I always get the best parking spot” whenever I go shopping. This summer I manifested money coming to ease us as we kept up with this treatment.

God provided in a big way, with both the Kaits Angels as well as the RunIVMore. I’m set now for seven months to pay for my supplements and complementary treatments.

Thank you all so much.

To be honest, I was manifesting and praying for $13,000 to go to Disney for Christmas… but all funds we get will go to my health. I’m now manifesting Disney just giving us a week or two. Disney is magic, and a dream is a wish your heart makes…

It can happen.

Today I’m hoping to start to make more ribbons for the RunIVMore on October 22. It’s an event to cheer on and support the Riverhead High Cross Country Girls team. It will be at Indian Island at 4:00. This team and coach has supported and loved our girl these past three years, and this race they will run is to raise awareness stage four research.

No pinkwashing.

Just Research.

I’ll be there with ribbons to hand out to spread awareness with the metavivor colors.

If anyone wants to help, I’ll be making them this afternoon around three or so at my house.

May today be beautiful and full of laughter and healing for everyone.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

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