Full Circle at the Farm

Yesterday was a whirlwind. The film crew got here at 7:30 am and we started filming quickly. We shot scenes of me taking my before breakfast pills, making a smoothie with the sea vegetables and mushrooms, making celery juice and carrot juice, taking the breakfast pills, filling the pill bags.

Then I had to get changed and restage the interview scene because there were six more questions they wanted to ask. The hot flashes have been getting more intense and we had to stop at one point so I could clean off my sweaty face. I never felt embarrassed about it though, because the crew was so kind.

Then it was off to school, and I had several first graders who I had last year come in. It was like a family reunion , for me, the kids, and the moms and dad. The scenes went smoothly, the kids did great, and it was nice to remember how far the kindergarten kids come in one year, after spending a week having kids learn how to use crayons and scissors.

After the school shots we went to Maggie’s farm. She and her husband Matt have a beautiful farm where I always feel peace. We shot some scenes in the farm shop, then in the tomato field. The filmaker said as he left that Maggie was magical.

She is.

It was a full circle moment for me to have the film crew sent by Mederi at the farm owned by the woman who sent me to Mederi.

After the farm we came back home, I switched clothes, and we shot a blogging scene. Then we grabbed our bikes and me and the kids rode our bikes. I definitely had an ET moment riding with the kids. I’m sure I’ll look graceful with my big helmet on huffing and puffing up my hill while sweating from a hot flash! Ha!

Then it was yoga time, and me and the girls set out our mats and did some sun salutations, tree poses, childs pose and savasana. It was beautiful practicing with the girls, and I’m glad they will have that memory with me as well.

Rob fired up the pizza oven for the first time in three years. It took longer to heat it up, but he hasn’t lost his touch. They filmed us chopping vegetables, making the pizzas, and then having dinner. Then they sat and we all ate together. It was comfortable, like sitting with old friends. They saw our whole lives together for two days, spent every moment with us, and have become like family.

They packed up all of their boxes and boxes of equipment, and rob will be delivering to the FEDEX store this morning. I asked how long the video would be, and my jaw dropped when he said 3-5 minutes. But I guess if you think about it, an hour and a half movie takes months to film. I don’t know how he will squeeze in everything, but I’m sure he will. Then we hugged and said our goodbyes.

What a weekend.

I’m still so glad I met Kym. She sent me a beautiful text and I know there is someone out there who knows what this is like, instead of hearsay.

I’m glad it was this weekend, as it kept me busy after the last appointment. Yesterday i had pain in my back and some liver pain. I said to rob that this pet scan may be the hardest. I already know it’s bad news, just how bad will it be?

Madison also was my shadow all weekend. She could not get enough of being around the crew and helping out. She also watched the high school YouTube video of A Chorus Line, and said she thinks her part is barking out dance moves. Perfect for the ROTC girl.

The video will be premiered at a benefit in November in Connecticut. I’m hoping it will be on the web so we can share. The goal is to help Mederi train many other people to know how to treat the whole patient. Each one, teach one. I shudder to think of Donnie and my herbalist retiring. What will I do? My oncologist as well. Who will have the knowledge and confidence and hope that my team has?

We need a new generation of hope givers, based on science.

May today the film crew fly safely back to their families. May the video show the best parts of our life. May Maddie’s first day of drives ed be safe. May my back and side feel better. May our kinder routine begin to run smoothly. May the pet scan be scheduled quickly. May I be healed completely.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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