“Mom, I Ate the Body…”

“Mom, I ate the body”.

That’s a sentence I didn’t expect from Boy Scout camp.

You see, the night before Quinn proudly told us he was going to go to church every day and get an extra badge. He said it was like a Catholic Lutheran church.

Yesterday he called rob and I while we were at lunch with Morgan and those were the first words he said

Morgan was appalled. “But he hasn’t had confirmation yet!!!!”

Quinn was concerned he took a wafer and hadn’t had the two years of class yet. Rob and I explained that some Catholics get communion at second grade, but our Lutheran church does communion and confirmation at eight grade.

I told Quinn it was ok.

The fact that he knew it was Jesus made it ok.

That Jesus probably thjnks it is ridiculous to have all of these rules and years of classes before children can have communion.

That he is forgiven anyway.


Although a little pang of sadness hit me when I realized I missed his first partaking in communion, what a memory he will have.

He called again last night and sounded tired. He laid down on his bed to talk to us and I told him we were snuggling him in our mind. He still loves that we tuck him in and he snuggles us by wrapping his arms around our necks and pretends to go to sleep.

I hope he never stops, and I am here for years and years to keep getting those precious hugs.

We sent him a picture of us and of the dog to make him feel our love. Even the dog laid by our feet when she heard his voice on speaker.

Today is party prep day for me.

I’ll drop off Morgan at bible camp, stop by my classroom to drop off some things I ordered so they are out of my living room, run to Costco to get some things for tomorrow, then clean the house. Today is also my last day of cycle three of chemo, and it has really built up this time. But I’m blessed that I’m able to do all I need and crash at around 5:00, right when I get a meal from Sarah. The meal train has been a godsend, and although so hard to accept, it is so appreciated. I don’t know who gave to the fund, but it in a way that’s ok, because it’s embarrassing for me to accept help but also nice to look at everyone and think they helped. So thank you to everyone. It’s been an easier summer for us all.

I haven’t been able to go walking this week at all and miss it. But I’m giving my body the rest it needs, and the work in the classroom has been enough exercise. The film crew asked if my oncologist would be interested in being in the movie. She replied she doesnt do movies but can suggest some actresses to play her.

I love my doctor.

Today I am holding Quinn close to my heart as he hits the midway point of the week. I’m praying for peace for my friend and her mom,

and healing for every cell in my body.

May it be so.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

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