Today we become a family of four again.

Morgan was nominated by her teacher this past year to attend a STEM Academy. It’s housed in different universities across the country, and this week it’s based out of St Johns University. She is going to work on four different lab sites with a mission to Mars as a focus. In robotics she will design a robot to go across the terrain of Mars. In medical she will learn how to do surgery and other medical procedures. In forensics she will learn how to test items. And in structure and engineering she will design buildings for the planet. There will be a NASA astronaut there as well, and she will be sleeping in the dorms until Friday. Morgan is super excited and wants to be an architect like her dad.

I guess that’s why we cherished our time yesterday even more, as it was the only day the five of us would be together a full twenty four hours in a three week period. And cherish our time together we did.

Salem is an amazing place to visit. Again, we walked along cobblestone streets by the water and thought what an opportunity our town of Riverhead is missing. We went back in time and visited several museums with re-enactments of witch trials.

It truly was something to see and hear about. For those who don’t know, it was a time when young girls were seen and not heard. Then, some girls began acting peculiar, a slave was blamed for telling stories, and then people began to get accused of being witches.

In trials, people would make up evidence and say they were being attacked by spirits. People were hung, crushed to death, imprisoned . If you were accused, you had to pay for your own jail cell, and the town would take possession of your land.

Anyone was fair game, and if someone didn’t like you, they could make up a story and then that was it. It finally stopped when the governors wife was accused of being a witch. One of the first young girls who started it all admitted she made it all up. The damage had already been done and lives were lost.

Rob and I talked to the kids about mass hysteria and mob mentality, and always telling the truth. Some people live and tell lies about others to this day to hurt them, and get away with it. I’m just glad we don’t have public hangings or stoning, as I am 100% positive I would be hung. I’m vocal, stand up for others, and despise those who lie, especially about my or my actions and words. I have also been attacked by some who claim that some of my healing modalities are the devils work.

When I was little I was fascinated by the witch trials. I’m so glad I live in this day and age. Well behaved women rarely make history.

But… we still have a long way to go.

We also did an escape room as a family, and Quinn was besides himself with excitement. Maddie and Morgan were funny and stayed back at times when we were afraid of jump scares. We solved the room with ten minutes to spare, and the man said he never had anyone solve it as fast as we did, without needed extra clues at the end. It was a blast, and I was glad Quinn got to experience it.

We decided to stay in Salem and leave this morning instead of getting home late and then driving Morgan to her STEM week. I’m so glad we stayed in this old in right off of the Main Street in Salem. The walls of the hallway have birds and butterflies on them.

We walked about twelve miles yesterday back and forth from museum to museum and shop to shop. There were many Harry Potter themed shops, and one in particular was amazing. The woman who ran a wand shop was named Rose, and man… she was amazing. She spoke to the kids about every type of wand the wand maker had carved, the wood he used, the shapes and their meanings, and how to use them. We’ve never been to universal in Orlando, but i bet you wouldn’t get the same care you get from Rose. Amazing.

There were tons of crystal shops, sage, herbs, spell books, witches costumes, t shirts, psychic workers in windows. We walked by the water and saw the oldest candy store in America.

What a day.

I’m up now preparing to say goodbye to Morgan today. Rob and I are so lucky with our kids. Madison let them all wear her navy shorts and green platoon shirts from the academy, and for once my kids all matched. They couldn’t stop hugging each other and holding hands.

I kept thinking how when i grew up we were called “Six Wix” for the six Wicklunds. I’ve dubbed us the “Fantastic Five”, because it feels fantastic when the five of us are together. It’s going to be along week again until I get my girl.

Madison continued to tell us stories about her Master Chief and her experiences with him. If you know her in real life, you’ve got to ask her about some of the stories. It’s hysterical. She also had an alligator mascot for the two weeks, and bought an alligator head to carry around to remind her of her chief and platoon. “Big Joe” was in quite a few family photos with us.

Today may we have safe travels. May Morgan begin a beautiful experience full of learning and new friends. May my cells continue to heal and the lotion work on the feet and hands to stop whatever is starting. And may I be with my fantastic five for decades to come.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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  1. What great memories you are making! You are definitely the “Fantastic Five”. Your pictures are amazing to see also! Enjoy the rest of summer and many more to come!

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