Making a Choice

Yesterday started off rough, with me crying in bed and not wanting to get up. Rob talked me through it, and reminded me of everything I’ve got going for me. We didn’t have the appointment I had hoped and prayed for when we traveled six hours for some hope, and it can take the breath out of you.

It was also a choice that I had to make. I couldn’t change what was happening but I could change how I reacted…

so we got up and started to prepare to do all we can for the outcome we want, not the outcome we were told.

We walked to the post office, then decided to keep walking to breakfast. We ordered a healthy breakfast and I saw a friend who gets it because she is in the arena with her husband. As we hugged another friend we both know sent me the name of a doctor who does a hepatic liver implant that directly puts chemo into the liver.

Wouldn’t you know, I was sent her name later in the day by a totally different person in the arena.

The messages I got yesterday helped.

People who went to Madame Swoosh and validated all of my beliefs and feelings that she is a true vessel and is gifted with the spiritual gift of healing.

I got messages from old friends who thanked me for being so open because it has helped them understand what a loved one is going through as well. I got messages of other people with similar diagnosis who found the right treatment, and whose doctors spoke of hope, and managing it like a chronic condition. I was sent clinical trials, and other energy healers.

One message in particular helped me sleep last night. I’ve gone to see this one medium/reiki energy worker three times. Jennifer Williamson. She has always been spot on with me. She has always been firm that she sees me as a Grandmother, surrounded by grandchildren. She has become a friend, and a touchstone to bring me back to hope. She did it again yesterday.

We discussed the Medical Medium Anthony Williams and his new book “Liver Rescue”. She likes it for me and it turns out I just ordered it two days ago. She said as she meditated over me that it came to her that I need to sit and be still in love for me. Sometimes it’s hard to love yourself as much as you love others. But what is crazy is I had just ten minutes earlier read another healer write the same exact thing and it resonated with me. We got a last minute invite to go somewhere late yesterday but decide to stay home and just be with the children, surrounding ourselves with our love. It was the right choice, and she validated it for us. She also said every time she prays for me, she received back confidence messages, and still has the seven years vision followed by a “cleared declaration”.

She also keeps seeing me win the lottery, but I think that may be symbolic for the lottery of life. I don’t want millions, just forty years. She reminded me that we are in retrograde and things come up that need healing. I’m going to see her Tuesday for some energy and reiki work. The thing I love about her is how humble she is. True healers are humble, and if you looked at them you would never know. Same with Odyle. She simply looks like a grandma.

That’s why God sent himself to us as Jesus.

He looked like us.

I’ve been reading a lot of books on Jesus and healing. We each have the Holy Spirit in us. We ALL have the gifts and power. Man tells us we don’t, but the Bible says we do. You can find it right in the Bible. WE ALL CAN HEAL. When we seek Him out, we step into the light and open ourselves up. That’s why He sent Jesus to us, to show us His power and love in a form we can recognize. Once we believe that Jesus truly was the son of God, sent to walk among us to teach us, to be an example of God’s perfect love, and show us how we can live forever, your own spiritual gifts and love become stronger. You can fall back into faith and help it move you.

If it sounds crazy to you, you may need to open yourself up more. If you need proof, the fact that I was moving yesterday and not under the covers all day after the appointment I had should be proof enough that the Spirit can move you.

That’s what happened yesterday.

He moved me through the day.

I went to see my friend Chaga Debbie at the Farmers market and she is one who is in the spiritual gifts. I saw another friend kerri and asked about another friend named Keri. When we went to go food shopping, who did I see? The other friend Keri I just asked about.

As we walked though the aisles, Barry Manilows “Its a Miracle” song came on, followed by “I Will Survive”. What are the chances?

We came home and my kids were dropped off. They spent the day with their cousins at my sister in laws house making a Christmas craft. They were kept busy and we are so happy they had a good weekend. They asked how Boston was, and we just said it was cold, and we didn’t get much new information.

Then we all hunkered down on the couch with blankets and watched a new Netflix movie called “The Christmas Chronicles”. Of course, one of the parents has died, because nothing says Christmas like sad kids missing their parent. Quinn even said in the first two minutes “Wait, is this a Disney movie?” Other than that, it was cute and will probably be watched again and again.

Quinn slept with us last night for the first time in weeks. He senses something is up. They all do.

It’s hard to look at clinical trials where it all says liver metastasis are quick to take you. For every trial I read I then have to find Hope stories.

Today we will go to church and finally try to decorate. I downloaded a picture of a healthy liver and it is my screensaver on my phone. I’ll keep picturing a healthy liver in my body right now.

Jesus made the body

Jesus can heal the body

I am healed

I am healed

I am healed.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



2 thoughts on “Making a Choice

  1. Keri, you radiate love and compassion and gratitude and hope wherever you go. I, and this world thanks you!!!! Know you are loved by so many you have met and those you may never get a chance to meet 💕
    I love you sooooo much!
    Aunt Gerri 👼🏻😘

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