Burn the List

I called my best friend yesterday. It was a day full of picking up and dropping off kids. I sat in the high school parking lot and just talked with her.

She is one of those people who doesn’t have cancer but gets it…and can then make me laugh when I just want to cry.

I was telling her about how exhausted I am just trying to do everything to stay alive and healthy.

How I am exhausted before I even start my day.

It’s like being put at the starting line of a marathon after having just run five others and trying to smile so people keep showing up to cheer you on.

It was a tough week this week, and the same people showed up like they always do to help me through.

Those people get me through the hard days. Thank you.

She said she couldn’t imagine everything I have to do in a day. I told her if I write it down, peoples heads would spin.

Get ready…

1-Wake up and try to unclench the hands. Stretch and get the achey bones and muscles moving while shivering from the cold wet sheets.

2-read the Bible study to remember and remind myself I’m not alone.

3-write and type on the phone while words come out and my thumbs do all the work.

4-dry brush to get the lymphatic system going.

5-shower using organic bath supplies.

6-tongue scrape and brush teeth. Remove mouth guard. Apply frankincense oil to all areas where cancer was as well as bottom of feet.

7-Dry hair and be grateful for it.

8-choose comfortable clothes because the skin has dried out even more. Apply coconut oil and try to stop Kasha the wonder dog from licking it all off the legs.

9-Take Chinese herbs, chemo, estrogen blocker, vitamin D3 two pills, calcium citrate pill, magnesium pill, probiotic pill, inflammation pill, teaspoon of elderberry, spritz of oral vitamin D, vitamin C pill, and if I can, black seed oil.

10-make sploosh.

11-drive kids to school and go to work.

12-teach kindergarten all day. This entails reading, writing, math, science, social studies, phonics, character education, mindfulness, empathy, and how to get along with others while dodging sneezes, coughs, tying shoes, answering emails, and filling out paperwork.

13-pick up kids.

14-drive to assorted after school activities.

15-figure our dinner and pray rob makes it home to make it. Research new cancer treatments, success stories, holistic treatments. Get back to the multiple messages I got during the day.

16-brush teeth, put in mouth guard, and go to bed. If time, take epsom salt bath.

17- Put thieves oil into diffuser next to bed.

18- wake up multiple times in a hot sweat and wish I was somewhere warm sweating on a beach.

19-Hit the snooze and start again.

That’s the list.

She said she was going to come down and help me burn it.

The list is what keeps me alive…but man, it’s exhausting.

It helped to laugh about it.

Then I went to the concert last night. Once again, I was blown away. There were so many of our school district kids representing our district. I hope the school website showcases them. I’m so proud of not only the kids, but the parents who saw the opportunity for a free music education provided by top notch teachers, and did all they could to help their child.

Such talent!

We are up and getting ready to take Maddie to county championships.

She qualified for the 3,000. She didn’t know if she would go today, as she is exhausted. But someone once told me that regret is a powerful emotion.

She decided to go and do her best.

That’s all we can all do.

Today is also the Justin Timberlake mini concert, with the This is Us episode that will make everyone cry.

I think there is also a football game on in the evening.

Make smart choices about the food you eat at the parties. Your body will thank you tomorrow.

Today may we all make it through our daily list and maybe, one day, it can be lessened.

1-Love God

2-Love one another.

3-Laugh and find joy.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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