When God Exceeds your Expectations

We got up early to drive Maddie to the track meet. When she got out, I told her she was going to get a personal record. I had her say the words.

And guess what?

She did.

Your words have so much power.

Today’s bible study focused on the human tongue.

It’s so small, hidden inside our mouths, yet very mighty.

We can cut and wound and damage people when we use it like a knife.

We can lift people up and encourage them when we use it with kindness.

Big ships, when they need to turn, are steered by a rudder. When the rudder turns, the entire ship does too.

Your tongue is your rudder.

How you speak to yourself is how your body then follows.

We went to go food shopping on the way home from the meet, and wouldn’t you know… half of my town was there. Every aisle there was someone I knew.

I ran into a friend I used to work with. When I first saw her down the aisle, I was struck by how “light” she looked.

She has lost weight, and just seemed to have a brighter glow. But then as we talked, she was saying how upset she has been from a situation. She had been bullied at work, and as those who speak up usually have happen, she was transferred.

She couldn’t get over it. She quit her job.

I told her God has greater plans for her. She wasn’t meant to be in that job. She was meant for greater things. To stop giving her power and thoughts to the bully that was horrible to her, and to focus her eyes and words on the great things in her life. Her blessings over her burdens.

People, there was a whole church service in aisle seven in Stop N Shop.

Other people I knew walked by me and I gave quick hugs and went back to urging my friend to see the light surrounding her.

Then we hugged and I went off to find my family.

We came home and Joel Osteen was on the television.

I know, you either love him or hate him.


I’ve got no room for hate in my heart.

Plus, he manages to intertwine gospel into relatable stories.

He spoke about how God exceeds expectations.

How a crippled man asked Jesus for some coins, and instead of coins, he healed him.

How Hannah asked for one son, and after being barren for years, not only gave her a son, but three sons and two daughters.

How Jehoshaphat had to go into battle with an army that far outweighed his own, and asked God to help them.

The Holy Spirit entered and said to not be afraid, have courage, and the Lord would be with them.

The army sang loud songs, and they were so loud, the other armies became confused and slaughtered each other. When Jehoshaphat’s army arrived, there were no men left, and on top of that, there was so much in terms of riches and spoils for the victor, it took three days to collect everything.

God far exceeded the expectations.

Want some coins? How about you walk…

Want a son? How about I give you five children…

Want to win? How about we do it without lifting a sword, plus you get all the gold…

Last May when I went for the MRI PET scan, my goal was for the sacrum spot in the bone to be gone. My dad warned me to not get my hopes up, that we would be happy with stable or shrinkage.

God exceeded my expectations, and I was told complete remission.

I’ve been given this diagnosis, and I want to stay in complete remission for a long, long time.

God doesn’t just do one great thing for us.

He does many.

He’s got great plans for me.

And for you.

We’ve got to have faith.

We’ve got to have hope.

We’ve got to use our tongues as our rudders and steer our ships towards greatness.

We’ve got to use our tongues and bring other ships with us.

Today, may whatever plans you have become reality…but even bigger and better. May you use your tongues wisely. Speak your truth with kindness and compassion and love. Lift others up with your words and with grace.

And above all, get ready.

God is going to exceed your expectations.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



2 thoughts on “When God Exceeds your Expectations

  1. Hi Keri! It’s Annie! I love reading your blog and I just had to comment on this post because 1) wow, did you nail it and 2) I’ll never forget that MRI PET day!! God is so awesome, and all too often we just don’t pray big enough. Keep shining you light. You brighten my day every time I read. XOXO 😘

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