It could be worse… or let’s make it better!

A year ago, I became the poster child for, “It could be worse”.

People would have bad things happen, then say they thought of me and said to themselves…

“It could be worse”.

Which meant…

“Thank God I’m not Keri.”

I got it.

I mean, what’s a trivial little inconvenience compared to a surprise stage four de novo breast cancer diagnosis where you’ve been told times up! Weeks, months, maybe a year or two.

But here’s the thing that I iterally JUST had come to me.

When you look at people who have hard situations and then say to them that their situation made them realize yours is nothing compared to theirs…

That doesn’t help.

It makes the situation the other person is in worse.

You’re literally saying their problem is bigger than your problem.

And it may be.

In my case it probably was.

It reminds me of the card game war.

“I’ve got a seven and the flu and my car broke down.”

“I’ve got a nine and cancer”

“OMG… thank God I had the seven. Here, you get the all the cards”

So, maybe…

I’m healed so now whenever things go bad for people…

Instead of them saying, “It could be worse, I could be like Keri”….

They say..

“I could be like Keri and find out how to make it better!”

It’s a quick post today.

Yesterday’s was long. I still have a little Liam Neeson in me and am still sending threatening texts to the phone in between the, “Make a better choice and you will find forgiveness if you hand it in” texts.

I’m going to church to pray Liam leaves the building.

I also met up with one of my core four, and while taking funny selfies while she tried on my weave, I was laughing so hard I was crying and couldn’t breathe.

I realized I hadn’t laughed like that in a long time.

Sure my house was a hot mess, I was organizing the dungeons and dragons get together because Maddie had no phone, and I was throwing my father in law a birthday party that night…

But I knew I needed to laugh.

To do something for me.

So I did.

I drove an hour away in the middle of the day and…

After a hard week, I made it better.

Today, may we all stop comparing our burdens and feel better when ours isn’t as bad as others, but instead find a way to lessen our own load, better our own burdens, then go out and make the world better.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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