Radical Remission and the HEAL Documentary; The Book, The Movie, The Vision, The Story


When I was diagnosed, I did what everyone told me not to do.

I googled “Stage four breast cancer survival rates”.

A little piece of advice?

Don’t google, “Stage four survival rates” for ANYTHING.

Two reasons.

One reason is that the internet cannot keep up with all of the new advancements.

Another reason is you need to keep your mindset as positive as you can, and other people’s stories are not YOUR story.

My friend Maggie who introduced me to Annie Appleseed gave me a book, Radical Remission. The very same day, Rob’s client Jan gave him the very same book.

That, my friends, is called a “God wink”.

I got the message loud and clear, and Rob and I both started reading.

Friends, this book?

THIS book?

It gave me hope.

Hope beyond anything I dreamed.

It is written by a woman who studied over a thousand cases of radical remission, people who have defied a serious or even terminal cancer diagnosis with a complete reversal of the disease.  Kelly turner, Ph.D., wrote a book that became my lifeline.

She states that there are nine key factors that people exhibited who had experienced a radical remission:

-Radically changing your diet. CHECK! I  cut out sugar, alcohol, bread, dairy, meat and went all organic.

-Taking control of your health. CHECK! Rob and I became a team. We hired and fired oncologists. We researched best practices. We took the reins and ran with it.

-Following your intuition. CHECK! When I  didn’t feel hope at the first two oncologist offices, I ran. When I met my current oncologist, I just knew she was the one. Same with the diet, juicing, herbs etc. If it felt right, I  did it.

-Using herbs and supplements. CHECK! I    met one of the people written about in the book and have been using his herbs ever since. I also added supplements to my protocol to add to the healing process.

-Increase positive emotions. CHECK! I danced almost every day in my kindergarten classroom. I found joy in life. I    chose to not focus on the google statistics, but on the Godly promise. (Mark 11:24, Therefore I  tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.)

-Embracing social support. CHECK! My Facebook page was an enormous source of comfort and encouragement. My friends sold rubber bracelets with the words “laugh, dance, hug”, a local Saf T Swim had a fundraiser along with our former swim club, Islander Aquatics, Girl Scout Troops left gifts, Kait’s Angels gave us a memorable Christmas moment, and my friends threw me one heck of a benefit. (THAT is a whole other blog post!)

-Deepening your spiritual connection. CHECK! I have what I call a “Secret God Squad”. I call on my friend’s Thud, Emily, Claire and Corey when I am in spiritual need. I go to church and pray and am prayed for every Sunday. I asked everyone to put me on every prayer list out there. I have had candles lit for me in England, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, Lebanon, France, New York City, churches all over America. I have felt Jesus in my heart and body. Check! Check! Check! AMEN!

-Having strong reasons for living. CHECK! Rob, my three children, my family, my friends, my dog, my life.

*At a recent conference, I believe she has spoken of exercise, as well as energy work. CHECK! I’ve had energy work done with reflexology and reiki, as well as seen two energy  workers. I am lacking on the exercise, and that is my goal for this year. I    have a rebounder to improve my lymphatic drainage system, as well as a rowing machine. We are looking into infrared saunas too.

This book is a must have for anyone who has heard the word “cancer”.

Add to that the documentary HEAL. Paula at The Giving Room had a showing one night last month. I    sat there breathless. It was MY story. It is everything I have researched and done this past year all wrapped into one big ball of hope. One man? Healed his SPINE through thought alone. HIS SPINE, PEOPLE!!!! I    sat there eon the floor of the sacred healing space next to Rob and Paula and cried, nodded my head, at times was all like Oprah, “YASSSSS!”

Here is the thing.

If you think that something is impossible, you will never get it. Because you don’t believe.

Kind of like that Santa saying. “If you don’t believe, you don’t receive.”

Same with Jesus too.

I took it a step farther and not only believe it could happen, but after watching the movies “The Secret” and “The Science of Miracles”, I    acted as though it had already happened.

I went around saying “I am cured”.

The power of “I  AM…” statements cannot be denied.

Eventually it changed to “I am healed.” For a few reasons.

One was the word “cured” is a hot button in stage four. Many say there will never be a cure and can get quite nasty about it, as I    found out when a local news website wrote an article about me. (I  prayed for the nasty commenters and sent them love and light…and healed even more.)

The other reason was because in the Bible, Jesus never “cured” people…he “healed”.

Healing from cancer is so much more than physical. You need to do some serious healing in all aspects of your life.  The cancer came because something wasn’t going right in your life, which manifested in your body. As hokey as it sounds, it can be a great teacher if you are open to the lessons.

Some would say, “Fight! Kill it! F*ck cancer!”

I decided to be all “love and light”.

I would lay in bed, sending it love, imagining white light and cells going to the tumors. I    would hold my hand over the tumors and think, “Thank you for the lessons you have taught me. I’m all good. You can go now”, then visualize the tumors slowly fading and breaking apart.

I visualized the PET scan coming back clean and clear. I was careful with my words. I    didn’t say, “I  want the cancer gone”, because that would be speaking it into existence. I    would say, “I am healed, healthy and full of light and love”.

I’ll be honest.

When the PET scan came back five months after I was told I was stage four de novo (de novo is from the get go), I was nervous.

I  was alone in the house when the results were loaded on the patient portal. I    had some secret nurse friends that I sent the results to and we all cried.

There was no sign of cancer.

Yes, there were dead tumors, “cancer carcasses”, but no cancer.

I sent it to my oncologist, and on a holiday weekend, and she said to celebrate, as it looked like I had a “complete remission”.

She may not have said “radical remission”, but I’ll take it.

My dad had six primary cancers, and is still here.

I call him the “Original Radical Remission Man”.

We’ve always been surprised he hasn’t been studied.

They may say there are cancer genes, but I’ve got radical remission in my blood.

In Jesus’s name. amen.




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