The Broom Moment

So, the thing is…
Apparently brooms can always do what we all had them doing last night.
Some people are going to make fun of everyone who did it and call them gullible.
Not me.
I was on the couch, exhausted, when I first read it. I got up, got a broom, and saw it actually stood up on its own when I thought it wouldn’t. I called Quinn and Morgan and Maddie and we all laughed and laughed.
I took a picture and put it up, which was followed by multiple friends putting up pictures and lots of laughter.
Laughter is always a a good thing.
There are reports now that it was always possible, people just never tried it before.
It was always possible…
Like when Dorothy found out she always had the power to go home the whole time.
That’s what I’ve been living on the past three years.
Someone told me that Jesus is always with me, and has the power to heal me, and I’ve been praying for that ever since.
Making a broom stand in a kitchen is nothing compared to what I’m asking for… but seeing everyone believe in something so little and then actually trying it because they saw pictures makes me remember the phrase,
“We walk by faith, not by sight.”
I get glimpses of complete healing when I hear stories of people still alive twenty years after their diagnosis. Those glimpses are few, so I need to rely on my faith more than my sight.
Those stories are the ultimate broom picture.
We were told to be like salt, to bring out the best flavor in ourselves and others. Use words to glorify Him and all He does. Some use their words to break down others or make fun of others, or always speak negatively. What kind of words and actions will you use today? Will you be the “salt of the earth”, or just use salty language?

Today, may we all walk by faith…
And maybe use the broom to brush away those who make fun of the little child in us who came out last night to play along.
In Jesus’s name, amen.



2 thoughts on “The Broom Moment

  1. Good to hear how laughter gave you joy. My sister, a lung cancer survivor always says, “A good laugh is like a mini vacation!” Thirty years ago she had a 5% chance of survival! Bless you , Keri!

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