Happy Birthday, Dear Sister

Today is my sisters birthday.

We are total opposites.

I love big hair, makeup, sparkly, am a hoarder, sometimes panic, and overshare.

She is understated, classic, minimalist, cool as a cucumber, and very private.

Yet this year we have both been more alike than different.

Both brave.

Both strong.

Both unwavering.

Both fierce.

Able to laugh through pain and fear and discomfort.

On my hardest days, I would get a text that would simply say…

Love you

Love you

Love you

And that’s all I needed.

She’s been there for my kids. Usually I’m the crazy Aunt, but she upped the game by giving us “Poo pourie”, something you spray in the bathroom before you go.

I think my kids never laughed so hard when we got home and they realized it was for real, and have never gone to the bathroom so much.

Well played, Aunt Jill.

Today I see your spray and up the ante.

It’s also my friend Joann’s birthday. If you ever want to meet a generous, Giving, loving, and funny woman, let me introduce you to her. I’ve adopted her as a pseudo sister.

I love her.

She loves me.

That’s all you need to make a pseudo sister.

I’ll teach all day, do the exercises Paula had Heidi videotape for me for my jaw pain. It’s called “Lion Face”. Rob walked in on me doing it and I scared the bejeezus our of him. I noted to myself to NOT do it in public.

Yesterday in bible study I said to my mom how easy it is to talk about Jesus there, in church, in a safe place. But we are told to go forth and make disciples. That can be hard. I’m not here change anyone’s faith. I’m here for those who are lost and listening.

I once was lost, but now I’m found.

Today’s Love God Greatly Blog focused on the phrase “Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger”.

We’ve lost the ability to listen on our tippytoes.

We spend more time thinking of a response than listening to what is being said, and sometimes speak at the same time and not listen at all.

Listen with empathy.

Be slow to act, or react.

Use the breath to expand the pause. Act with kindness.

That’s my goal today.

Breathe, do the lionface, stretch, listen, and try to somehow get a birthday hug from the bravest girl I know.

Love you

Love you

Love you

In Jesus’s name,




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dear Sister

  1. Love you
    Love you
    Love you

    * I now know how so many people knew it was my birthday! Thank you all for the well wishes and all of the prayers through my own journey this year.

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