Wait… Who was James?

Every morning for the past two months or so there is a new notification for a secret group I ‘m in.

I’m in a lot of groups.

Some are scary, full of women crying out in fear, panic, telling of horrible side effects from the same exact medicine I’m on….with glimmers of hope when someone posts she has made it five years, ten years post diagnosis. (Those posts are why I stay).

But this one secret group? I learn something new every time, my heart becomes full of even more peace, my resolve becomes stronger, and my love grows greater.

For a woman living with a stage four diagnosis, that’s a miracle elixir to get through the day.

It’s a bible study. “Love God Greatly”.

We are gearing up to read about James.

Confession time? (And I’m not even a catholic…)

I had no clue about James.

I read this morning the introduction and I was all like…

“WHOOOOAAAA!!! Jesus had a half brother??? What the? I had no clue!”

I looked it up and different people people said different things. You would not believe the arguments on whether Mary stayed a Virgin her whole life, if James was Joseph’s son from a previous marriage…(and there are apparently other brothers and two sisters too!)

I skimmed through James and there are actually a lot of verses in there I already heard. This one struck me today.

“Faith without works is dead”.-James 2. 14:17

That’s what I’ve been doing this past year.

My faith has grown exponentially through the year. Faith in Jesus, faith in the process and protocols, faith in the healing I’ve received.

My works have also changed. I’ve worked hard to radically change my diet.

I mean, have you SEEN my juices? The only vegetable I ever had before was in liquid form…ketchup.

I’ve gone to classes, read books, talked to people, gone to therapies. It’s a full time job to get healthy. It’s not enough to GET healthy, now I have to STAY healthy.

Some people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. They go hand in hand.

Don’t get confused that because you DO good things, good things will happen.

You have to BELIEVE as well.

Don’t just BELIEVE good things will happen, you have to DO good things also.

See what I mean?

Hand in hand.

You can’t just say that you’re going to heaven because you believe in Jesus and are saved. You have to act it too.

If you truly believe, then He is in your heart. When He is in your heart, you do good things.

Or something like that.

I’ll let you know if that right when the Bible study starts.

Today, I’ll keep drinking my vegetables and fruits, eat some organic nuts, drink more high PH water, take Chinese herbs, a spoonful of black seed oil, rub on Frankincense, chaga, sploosh, detox bath, bunch of supplements, medicine, breathe deep, meditate when I can, pray, shine my

Care Bear light, and try my best to be a reflection of Jesus and His love.

He has done so many miraculous things in my life.

Man, I love Him.

I’m also excited to get to know James.

“Hello James! Nice to meet you!”

I’m also going to teach kindergarten, do some laundry, drop off Maddie at a “hang out”, go to a movie night, and clean up… because I also have two other full time jobs of mom and teacher.

Today, may we have have faith and do good work in all of jobs, and throughout all of our days.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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